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ZTELEC keeps extending its industrial chain in field of power industry, and integrates research, development, production, and sales of major products like Dupont technology dry type transformer, oil-immersed power transformer, phase-shifting rectifier transformer, mining flameproof dry-type transformers, pre-installed type transformer substation, high and low voltage switchgear, smart grid system, electrical system, electrical system (below 35 kv), electromagnetic wire and other high-tech products. Product technical performance reaches domestic advanced level,and meet the needs of the current electrical power equipment industry development.



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ZTELEC provides a half-a-year quality warranty for its products, excluding vulnerable parts (Customers can have faulty products repaired, replaced and returned for free). Direct expenses related to the warranty, such as, freights, charges of spare parts, and expenses for accommodation of warranty technicians shall be borne by Party B or by subtracting them from the contract specified payment for goods. Party A shall not be liable for the above-mentioned expenses and any indirect losses beyond the contract. However, Party A must dispatch technicians for instructions when Party B is responsible for the expenses for accommodation of technicians. More…